Comedy Speech by Dr. Jens Wegmann

  • Under the camouflage of a serious key note speaker the German Comedian Dr. Jens Wegmann sets a highlight to your business event. He delivers a humoristic speech to the topic of your company, your products or your meeting. The speech is held in English or German. Key note speaker Dr. Wegmann specialises in entertaining speeches for corporate events like international sales meetings, conferences and company partys. Natives will tell that he is from Germany, but is English is excellent for mixed international groups. Get your team laughing!

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  • Thank you for your entertaining speech at our annual international polymer meeting 2008. You gave fun, motivation and a lot of enthusiasm to our employees. Your show was the highlight of a tough day and we got lots of positive feedback from our participants.
    Zitat über den Redner

A boring beginning ...

The speech does start out fairly slow and boring. The audience fears for the worst with such a dry topic. But when the speaker starts to struggle with text and equipment, the first folks are sure to begin laughing. From then on, the atmosphere is on its upward path to its climax.

...turns into inspiring comedy

Dr. Wegmann looks at your topic with the eyes of a comedian. After a briefing, he will give his speech, adjusted individually for the occasion and the theme with tailor made gags for your event. Between lectures or as part of the evening program, you can be sure that Dr. Wegmann will bring the laughers on your side.

Does every conference have to be equally boring?

One speech after the other, and often too long. Nobody complains because we all have learned in our business lives that speeches are boring, and one just has to make it through them! And yet, even just a small relaxation can get the brain cells going again. A comedy speech provides a breath of fresh air for the heads of the participants.

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