Comedy speaker Dr. Jens Wegmann delights event participants

  • A speech by Dr. Jens Wegmann is a real highlight for any event. Just by looking at the audience you can see how much fun they are having listening to his tailored humor. Dr. Wegmann’s individual keynotes entertain, motivate and delight the audience.

    Speaker Dr. Wegmann has specialized in entertaining keynote presentations for business events. Disguised as a "real" speaker, it’s only after a while that people will see his speech for what it is: top, first-class entertainment. His unique speech makes the audience laugh: at events, congresses, jubilee celebrations and staff events, there will be unforgettable and magical moments. Just take a look at the demo video, study the references or customers’ comments and get in touch with Dr. Wegmann. This will bring you a whole lot closer to making your event a success.

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  • The top grade of 1.35 clearly documents how impressed our guests were. In the rating sheets there are even remarks like "ingenious!" or "Nothing can beat it!".
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A positive surprise

When comedy speaker Dr. Wegmann starts his speech, nobody in the audience has any idea how things are going to pan out in the next few minutes. Everybody is expecting a dry lecture on some boring topic. At first he stumbles through his speech rather awkwardly and struggles with his text and the equipment. Soon the audience is pleased to note: something is not quite right here. And then it really gets going: Dr. Wegmann has just about overcome the first hiccoughs in his speech when he throws himself into your topic and sees it through the eyes of a cabaret artist. Whether it’s about IT technology, finances or sales, he finds the right words for every topic to delight your audience. Just taking a look at the demo video will give you some idea of how you’ll be guaranteed laughs with a comedy speech.

  • As a speaker you really made our managers laugh and were a delightful change from our intensive program. Business Comedy at its best; that really was fantastic!
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On the daily schedule: a breath of fresh air for your gray cells

One speech after the next and generally too long. Nobody complains since we learnt when we started work: keynote presentations are boring; you just have to get through them! And yet loosening up a bit can get your gray cells going. Laughing and taking a short breather! A comedy speech brings a breath of fresh air for the participants. And they’ll move on to the next point of the agenda motivated and fully concentrated. Whether you’d like to engage Dr. Wegmann as an opening speaker, as someone to stimulate the audience after the lunch break or as an emotional final speaker, at the end of the day it really doesn’t matter. He will transform the day into an unforgettable experience.

  • You knew how to exceed even our high expectations. The long applause proves that you really went down well with our managers. It was great fun.
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Highlight in the evening program

The supposed keynote speaker Dr. Jens Wegmann also made a good impression in the evening program. At first the guests are a bit taken aback that something serious is on the agenda at this late hour and then they are all the more pleased when the lecture turns out to be a lot of fun. The event represents the emotional highlight of many conferences. With a comedy speech the team will share experiences that unite them. Little, everyday problems disappear and the big ones are forgotten, at least for the time being. Spice up your evening event with this highlight and your guests will remember this evening for a long time to come. It’s a promise!

Best references and the experience from over 600 appearances at business events

You’ll be on the safe side with comedy speaker Dr. Wegmann: he knows how to please your audience and will make sure that your event turns out to be real success. At over 600 events the speaker has been able to show that he is the right man for the entertaining part of the event. His list of references reads like the "Who is Who" on the international corporate landscape: from A as in American Express to Z as in Zurich Versicherungen, the companies were all thrilled with his keynote presentations, without exception.

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  • Many, many thanks for your amusing speech for which we received a lot of praise and positive feedback. And so we were successful once again in getting this meeting of experts off to a humorous start and thus creating a pleasant atmosphere right at the beginning. We will definitely be recommending you to others!
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